Resalat Montessori (Resalat Islamic Scholastic & Enrichment)

  • Mission

    The mission of RMS is to teach the students to think creatively, achieve their fullest potential, become good leaders and strengthen their sense of Muslim identity and communication..

  • Vision

    The vision of RMS is based on the principle that the graduating students become equipped with advanced intellectual and Islamic standards to have the ability to function as successful professionals who will benefit themselves and the community.

  • Our Approach

    The Montessori Method of teaching helps the students think critically and solve the problems, especially in the fields of Mathematics and natural Sciences, easily.
    It helps the students achieve college level AP and SAT courses, and be successful in the best and most prestigious universities of the country.

  • Philosophy

    We believe education is not a destination; it is a journey. Each child shares the responsibility for finding his or her own best path. By studying our children, we discover how they learn.